🏠 3 Home Improvement Grants to Apply for During No-Spend January

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This No-spend month is a great time to be working through some of that ‘life admin’ stuff we love to push to the backburner.

We know housing and maintenance costs are heavy hitters to our finances, so in case you weren’t aware, there could be grants and rebates out there to help cover or off-set the costs of necessary improvements/repairs to your home!

Beyond what’s listed below, check out NRIA for help in applying for grants that are right for you AND check out your state HUD website for what’s available within your community.

💰🎁 3 Grants to Look Into: 💰🎁

1. Property Improvement Loan (Title I), this is offered through HUD and is capped at $25,000 for improving a single family home.

2. Home Investment Partnerships Program through HUD offers owners funds to be used on repair, rehabilitation, or construction.

3. Section 504 Home Repair Program is for the elderly living on low income in rural areas. We recognize this may not apply to the majority of you, but even if you have a family member or friend who qualifies, this could be a very helpful grant!

If you are not yet a homeowner, but are in the early stages of house-buying, definitely check out our first article in the ‘read more’ section AND sign up for Cashifyd!

They connect homebuyers and sellers with real estate agents who offer cashback and commission savings. You can connect with local lenders who are experts in using Cashifyd with home-buying transactions.

Cashifyd is completely FREE for consumers to use and their contact information is only released to the agent and/or lender they select to work with. **

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