📢 Freebies to Keep You On Track

Happy Monday, you Marvelous Minds! 💡

It’s Day 8 of our No-spend January and we made it through 1 whole weekend!

How are ya feeling?

Personally, the challenge is going decent, but I am FULLY aware we have 23 days left to go.

But not to worry, we will take this 1 DAY at a time!

To help, we’ve got freebies that we hope will help keep you on track with this challenge by providing entertainment, and opportunities for learning!

👩‍🍳 Join FREE virtual cooking, baking, and kitchen technique classes offered online through Williams and Sonoma. Right now they’re offering free coffee classes. That outta help curb your coffee shop spending!

🎧 30 Days FREE of Audible. It’s full of podcasts, educational radio shows, and audio books. You can try it free AND get 2 free audio books when you sign up. Just remember to cancel before the trial period ends if you find you don’t want to spend the money once the 30 days are up!

📰 FREE Lego Magazine for kids ages 5-9. If you’ve got a youngster at home, you can give them a free gift of fun mail once a quarter. If you sign up now you can get the next issue in March.

💬💸 Forgotten Bills 💬💸

This time we’re NOT talking about a person. Who could ever forget about human Bill?!

Instead we’re describing that subscription bill you forgot about until finally looking through your transactions, or a random bill you forgot to pay, or an annual bill you forgot to budget for!

But what’s worse than all of those examples is a forgotten 401(k)!! 

Many of us are leaving retirement money on the table by not rolling over our old 401(k) plans. Well now is the time to remember and to act! We recommend taking advantage of Capitalize.

They are a 401(k) rollover service that finds any ‘old’ 401(k)s you may have from previous employers and helps you to roll them over into an IRA of your choice.

The best part? It’s FREE! **

Until next time,

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