🍨 FREE Frozen Yogurt on Feb 6th!

Happy New-Week!

Just because our no-spend month is over doesn’t mean the freebies are too! 😎

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Tomorrow (Feb 6) is National Frozen Yogurt day 🍨 and we’ve got the round up of where to find the best deals. Enjoy!

🍦 Get 6 oz. of Frozen Yogurt for FREE at TCBY on Feb. 6th. If you want more than 6oz, you just pay per ounce beyond what they’re giving away.

🍨 Get BOGO FREE Froyo at Yogurtland on Feb. 6th

🍧 BOGO ice cream sundaes on Wednesdays at Carvel. If you’re more of an ‘ice cream’ kinda person, this one’s for you!

💪 Big Bill 💪

Not talking about a person this week (but if you know a ‘Big Bill’ definitely have them call us). These types of big bills are the ones that cost a lot of money.

Wah-wah. Like your insurance premium, heating in the winter, monthly daycare. That paper the bill is written on might be small but the number is high.

On the bright side, when you online shop using the Rakuten chrome extension you could get some big bills coming to your bank account!

The good kind! Like big dollar bills! Rakuten finds and applies cash back bonuses to qualifying purchases and automatically sends you a check quarterly for the money you’ve made on your spending.

PLUS when you first sign up with Rakuten you get a $30 bonus when you spend your first $30. **

Participating is simple! Complete our 10-question survey, carefully crafted to understand you and your financial goals. Your responses will shape what we deliver to you over the next year, tailoring our contents to address your specific needs in the realm of personal finance.

Totally anonymous and totally fun. 🥂

Until next time,

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