🥯 Free Bagels for Week 3 of No-Spend!

Hi friends!

We ARE still friends right?! 🤞 

Cuz it’s at this almost-halfway-mark of a difficult challenge that people might have the urge to sling some expletives my way and question what I talked them into.

But remember I am suffering having FUN right along with you! 💃

And to prove my undying love and affection for you, I’ve rounded up some ways you can get FREE bread in celebration of National Bagel Day 🥯 TODAY, Jan. 15th.

So tell your friends (send them that referral link at the bottom of this email) and keep crushing this no-spend challenge while also getting all the carbs you need this month!

🥯 Get a FREE bagel with cream cheese from Bruegger’s Bagels when you sign up for their rewards program and make any purchase.

🧀 Einstein Bros Bagels also offers a FREE bagel with cream cheese when you sign up for their rewards program and make a purchase.

Enjoy 2 months of FREE coffee, tea, and fountain drinks through Panera’s unlimited sip club (offer is for new subscribers).

💅🏼 Your Boyfriend Bill 💅🏼

You met him at galactic bowling night and shared a blue slushie.

He gave you his number on the back of a looooooong CVS receipt that you then put into your Jansport fanny pack. He wanted you to choose to contact him or not (how thoughtful of Bill).

And now you DO want to call him and text him and then call him again so HE can hang up first. 

The trouble is, your cell phone bill is getting too pricey and you’re not sure if you’re gonna be able to stay in touch with your boyfriend, Bill.

Thanks to Mint Mobile you can get a plan starting at just $15 a month with all the usual bells and whistles. 

I’m talkin’ 5G network, unlimited talk and text, AND keeping your own phone and contacts! **

So lower your cell bill and keep in touch with boo, Bill.

Until next time,

⭐️⭐️ P.S. Want to share all this goodness with your friends AND earn cool Frugal Friends merch?

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