How To Use Cash Envelopes Effectively

There are many budgeting techniques out there but today we’re taking a look at the envelope system. It’s an extra special episode as we have THE Allison Baggerly from Inspired Budget acting as co-host while Jen is on maternity leave! Allison and her family have actually used the envelope system for years and she brings […]

Episode 63: How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Frugality

Setting and achieving financial goals is all fun and games, but what about if your spouse is not on board? Embracing frugality, much like minimalism, can’t be forced on others – but there are ways to negotiate and become unified on this journey toward financial freedom! Join us as we look at some basic tips […]

Episode 62: Talking About Your Parents’ Finances w/Cameron Huddleston

Many of us have never considered approaching this topic of finances with our parents, and for those who have, it can still make us want to run for the hills! It’s the second most potentially awkward and dreaded conversation right next to ‘the talk’ you received as an adolescent, but no less important! Thankfully, we […]

Episode 61: How To Achieve Digital Minimalism

Now that we’ve de-cluttered and minimized our homes, it’s time to simplify our digital lives! Beyond deleting files from your computer, we also talk about being more mindful about how we are spending our time and money online. Mindless technology use can lead to mindless spending so let’s talk digital minimalism! Sponsors: Master Your Money […]

Episode 60: Frugal Summer Fun

School’s out, sun’s out…now what? If you’re like us summertime means a lot more get-togethers, vacations, day trips, and activities – but how do we make the most of summer without blowing our budgets? On this episode we talk all about frugal ways to enjoy the summer along with some of the pitfalls and misguided […]

Episode 59: Creating Soulful Simplicity in Your Life with Courtney Carver

We know minimalism and simplicity have great benefits for our lives, but knowing where to start or how to achieve this lifestyle can be daunting! Thankfully Courtney Carver, author of Soulful Simplicity and creator of the minimalist fashion challenge #Project333 breaks it down for us on this episode! Courtney shares her own minimalist journey and […]