Episode 33: Frugal Christmas Fun

‘Tis the Season to be frugal (and jolly)! If you’re trying to embrace this season without breaking the bank, you have friends in us! In this episode we’re talking about how to have some frugal Christmas fun. From participating in traditions, to developing new ones; we explore all the ways to be festive, enjoy time […]

Episode 32: Minimalism with Joshua Becker

We are beyond thrilled to be speaking with Joshua Becker, author of “The More of Less”, on the podcast today! Joshua is a speaker, blogger, author, and expert on the topic of minimalism and he shares with us his own minimalist journey. We also talk about Joshua’s book, tips for those desiring a minimalist lifestyle, […]

Episode 31: How to Get Everything You Need for Free

FREE; it’s our favorite four letter word! Even better than spending less, is spending nothing – and today we’re talking about how you can get everything you need for free! From ‘buy nothing’ groups, swaps, time banks, freecycle, and Craigslist – there are plenty of options for finding resources and items you want without spending a […]

Episode 30: Black Friday – Does it Save You Money?

 To shop or not to shop? Black Friday offers all sorts of promises, but can they be trusted? In this episode we explore the pros, cons, and alternatives to Black Friday shopping. Whether you shop for bargains, to maintain tradition, or choose to refrain altogether – we have tips and suggestions for you! Sponsors: […]

Episode 29: Investing for Frugal Folks with Andrew Wang from Inspired Money

We’re very excited to have the opportunity to talk with Andrew Wang from the Inspired Money podcast about all things investing! Andrew works as a financial planner and managing partner at his family’s firm, and he gives us all the details on making wise financial investment decisions, and how to make the most of your […]

Episode 28: Getting the Most from Your Local Library

Libraries aren’t just for 6-inch voices and frail librarians anymore! Upon closer inspection, there is quite a lot to be gained from these community establishments. Beyond lending books, most libraries have a plethora of additional (FREE!!) resources and events just waiting to be discovered. Join Jill in being shocked by all libraries have to offer! […]