Episode 44: Frugal Pregnancy+Parenting with Mrs. Frugalwoods

We love to have guests on the show and today is no exception! We have THE Mrs. Frugalwoods (A.K.A. Elizabeth Thames), author and blogger on everything frugal+sustainable. AND since Jen is currently pregnant, we seized the opportunity to ask Mrs. Frugalwoods about pregnancy and parenting the frugal way. Let’s just say she did not disappoint! […]

Episode 43: DIY Cleaning Products: Do’s&Don’ts

Simple, DIY, Low-cost – these words are music to our frugal ears! We’re excited to talk about how frugality can intersect with all aspects our lifestyles, including the way we clean! There’s more to know about cleaning products than we ever thought – but have no fear – we’ve got all the do’s and don’ts […]

Episode 39: Couponing for Extra Normal People

 We’ve all seen them on TV – holding up the line, filling their carts, handing over coupons, and walking out of the store having only spent .10 cents! While there is some reality to the crazy deals people can get through extreme couponing – today we’ll take a tempered approach and see what us […]

Episode 38: Frugal Fitness with Amanda Walker from ‘Feel Amazing Naked’

Today we’ve got Amanda Walker from the “Feel Amazing Naked” podcast. Amanda is a health and fitness coach who is also passionate about budgeting and paying off debt! We thoroughly enjoyed asking Amanda all the questions and getting inspired to leave behind our lame excuses for not taking care of our bodies! Amanda has so […]