Why You Keep Self-Sabotaging Your Budget (& How to Stop!) – EP 273

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Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in a cycle of doing things we don’t intentionally want to do. And to make things worse, we think we’re incapable of breaking it. We may not have all the answers for you but this episode will surely have you questioning yourself, your spending habits, why it happens, and how to keep track of it. 

There’s going to be roadblocks for you as you create these habits to get to your goals. Think of them now and think of ways you can go around them. Just anticipate them.


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6 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Your Finances

According to this The Ascent article, 33% of Americans are said to not budget their money yet 93% believe that they should. This lists down 6 ways that you might be sabotaging your finances and what are the things we can replace it with. 

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Despite a huge number of people believing they should budget, not budgeting is still common which has pushed people to sabotage their own finances. Jill thinks a change of mindset would be helpful such as calling it a ‘spending plan’ or any creative and motivational words to make it approachable for you. One must also learn how to say no or create a pause when you have the urge to spend by doing something different. Check-in on your online shopping expenses as it can be easy to impulse buy at night and when your cards are stored (it recommended cash but that doesn’t for everyone!)

Jen had to learn the hard way as building an impossible budget and creating decisions based on what she sees from others are things she had to unlearn. Create a flexible budget and find ways to know about yourself better so what others may do will not affect your decisions. 

5 Sneaky Ways Your Mind Sabotages Your Spending (and Keeps You in Debt)

Regardless of the abrasive title, some of the listed ways in this article presented by Well+Good are worth noting to continue challenging yourself towards curiosity about self.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Do not avoid your finances! Jill wants you to look at it and talk about it as it is one of the best ways to manage your stress over it. You may be impacted by a variety of internal and external factors that cause you to self-sabotage with money such as mental health, upbringing, and brain chemistry. Without you even being aware, these factors could be undermining our efforts to improve our relationship with money. Recognizing your emotions will greatly impact your money decisions. You may not notice but your attachment style not only impacts your relationship with other people but with money too.

Meanwhile, Jen wants you to embrace learned behavior that no longer serves you. You can start by focusing on things you can change and recognizing where to draw the line or interrupt the cycle. 

How we divert ourselves away from self sabotaging behaviors

As Jen continues to do their renovations, she finds herself buying more on Amazon but she also puts a 30-day rule on the purchases she makes online. Another way she diverts herself from self-sabotaging behaviors is by putting in her mind that fast food is the most destructive spending behavior.

On the other hand, when it comes to spending whether at home or in a store, Jill regularly checks in with herself to determine how she feels about a purchase. She pauses and thinks about every spending decision she has to make. 

Bill of The Week

Thank you Tim from Florida for sharing your bill about getting your PMI removed and still paying that money now to your principal!

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