Saving Money on Rent – EP 327

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Join Jen and Jill as they talk all things rent! With rent prices increasing across the board, finding ways to cut expenses on housing is crucial. Discover the latest trends in housing preferences and learn some tips to save money on rent such as knowing the market and practicing negotiation. And don’t miss the hilarious “slow twerking” technique!

The worst that can happen is they say no.


  • Slow Twerking. Yesterday, Jill sent me a video of an influencer teaching his audience how to save money on rent. His tactic: Slow twerking. He did this as he asked his landlord not to raise his rent. As a landlord myself I was shocked, dismayed, and I instantly wanted to keep him at the same rate. I don’t even know what his rent was but I knew this man deserved fair rent. If you’re looking to keep your rent the same, or lower, try slow twerking. And if you’re not the twerking type subscribe to The Friendletter. We send out freebies, saving tips, and life hacks every week to help you save money so you don’t have to record yourself slow twerking. 

10 Ways to Save Money on Monthly Rent Payments

Looking to save on monthly rent? InCharge offers 10 tips that can hopefully empower you to take control of your rental costs.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Renting a home or apartment is becoming increasingly popular, with many people opting for the flexibility and convenience it offers. However, rising rent prices can make it challenging to save money. Jill explores 3 strategies to save money on monthly rent: signing an extended lease, searching for rental properties in the winter when demand might be lower, and considering a new location that offers more affordable options. On the other hand, Jen talks about giving up your parking space if you don’t use it, considering private landlords who may have more flexible terms, and potentially negotiating with the landlord to offer your services in exchange for a reduced rent.

How To Negotiate Rent: 5 Rules To Save Thousands

This article from I Will Teach You To Be Rich offers 5 rules and scripts to use for those who are looking to negotiate rent.

What Jen + Jill have to say:

Negotiating rent with a strategic approach is a valuable skill that can benefit individuals looking to save money on their monthly housing expenses. Jill emphasizes the importance of knowing what you need and having a specific rent figure in mind, considering additional negotiation items like parking, understanding the market and ideal negotiation timing (2-3 months before the lease ends), and practicing negotiation skills in low-stakes environments.

Meanwhile, Jen advises offering something in return to the landlord during negotiations and having the right script to ensure a polite and effective negotiation process. By following these rules, renters can potentially save significant amounts of money on their monthly rent payments.

What has worked for you to save money on rent?

Jill’s biggest win on rent involves putting in A LOT of effort and work to keep the apartment in an area they wanted to be in. On the other hand, Jen’s most successful method was sharing a room with a friend.

Bill of The Week

Thank you Renee for sharing your bill about negotiating your cell phone bill and saving $180 for the year!

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