Why You Need A Budget W/Jesse Mecham – EP131

Budgeting. We’re never gonna stop talking about it. AND on this episode we have THE Jesse Mecham, creator and founder of the famous budgeting app ‘You Need a Budget’. For those still wondering whether or not they actually need a budget, and for all the rest who benefit from more reminders and tips; listen in!…

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How to Live in an RV or Motorhome – EP130

If you’ve ever thought about living in an RV or trying the tiny house lifestyle, or even considered it short-term; this episode is for you! We’re covering a lot of the basics regarding what should be considered before full-time RV-ing, where to park, and what to look for when purchasing an RV! Sponsors:  Frugal Friends…

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How to Make More Money w/ a Side Business – EP129

We’ve talked about side hustles and selling our gently used items to bring in more cash and now we’re introducing the idea of a side business! If this feels next level, it is. BUT we hope this episode helps give some sunlight and water to those seedling ideas that may be sprouting in your mind…

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How to Approach & Control Emotional Spending w/ Leslie Tayne – EP 128

Have you ever bought something to make yourself feel better? Or splurged on something only to feel instant guilt afterward? We may not always realize it, but our spending habits are incredibly connected to our emotions; recognizing this can unlock some strategies for seeing the financial progress we desire! We’re thrilled to share our conversation…

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How a No-Spend Month Can Help Your Finances – EP 127

We can often struggle to make big dents in our savings or debt payoff journey which leads to feelings of frustration and defeat. When the small spending changes aren’t cutting it anymore, we might consider a no-spend challenge! We’ve explored doing this for a day, or a week, but on this episode we talk about…

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Healthy Financial Boundaries w/ Family & Friends – EP 126

We’ve all been there; lending to friends and never seeing that money again, ‘splitting the bill’ when you only got a salad and a water, standing up in a wedding without realizing all the hidden costs. Whatever the situation, setting financial boundaries with friends and loved ones can be tough, but necessary! Today we talk…

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