How Lydia Senn Paid Off $36k of Debt on One Income – EP 143

We have lots of debt payoff stories highlighted on this podcast, and are particularly looking forward to sharing Lydia’s story with you all! For those working off of low incomes, or single incomes we hope this interview is particularly inspiring and helps to break down barriers to achieving debt freedom! Sponsors:  Financial Freedom Fast Track….

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How to Pay Off Debt Faster in 2021 – EP 142

We know becoming debt free is a worthwhile goal, and once we’ve bought in to the idea it’s a quick jump to the question: ‘how do I pay off this debt as quickly as possible?!’ On this episode we’re talking about some strategies and approaches that can help make big dents in our payoff journey….

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Minimalist Budgeting – EP 141

There’s many ways to approach budgeting, and finding a way that works for us that is also simple is our aim! We’re revisiting a previous favorite episode to explore some minimal budgeting approaches – listen in! Sponsors:  Frugal Friends Workbook. If you want to do better with your finances this year but you already know…

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Listener Special: Frugal Friends Share Secret Frugal Tips – EP 140

It’s the Frugal Friends Holiday Special! We are thrilled to release this episode Christmas day 2020 and there’s no better way to celebrate than by sharing YOUR best frugal tips. Listen in as callers share their favorite ways to practice frugality. Sponsors: Not suing us: Because we don’t want to be sued. Notable Notes: A…

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Money Mindset Shifts We All Need to work On – EP 139

Perspective and our own internal narrative represents one of our biggest barriers to achieving financial goals. On this episode we are exploring some of the most common limiting beliefs and how to shift our mindset and thought patterns to see real progress along our frugal journey. Sponsors:  Frugal Friends Workbook. If you’re starting to think…

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Why Paying Off Debt is Important + Attainable – EP 138

In case we all need a bit more motivation and encouragement to keep working towards our debt-free goals we’re reminding ourselves of the top reasons to get out of debt and looking at some compelling statistics to help us realize this is possible! Sponsors:  Debt-Freedom Roadmap– It’s not too early to start thinking about your…

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