Episode 99: Contentment, Gratitude, + Flexible Minimalism within Frugality

How do we know how much is enough? What are our measuring tools for knowing this? Today we explore the topics of contentment, gratitude, and minimalism as a means to embracing frugality and being kind to our finances. Listen in as we explore why these principles are foundational to our frugal journey. Sponsors:  Empower: An…

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Episode 98: Save Money While Raising Young Children w/ Caroline Vencil

Saving money and spending less is an ongoing journey and can have additional difficulties when this is paired with raising young kids! We know everyone’s financial story is different but we also know that it is not uncommon to have children before accomplishing major financial goals. For this reason (and many more) we are thrilled…

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Episode 97: How to Transition from Spender to Saver

Sometimes spending money is a whole lot easier than saving money! Spending money often gives us what we want in the moment, but it can derail us from our financial goals or debt payoff plans. Today we’re talking about strategies to move from spending to saving so that we can get the most out of…

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Episode 96: What Insurances You Need To Be Paying For

Insurance; it’s not everyone’s favorite topic to talk about, but it is an important one! We’ll keep it short and sweet for you, reviewing which insurances you can skip, and which ones are the ‘must-haves’.  Sponsors:  Empower: An awesome mobile app jam packed with features that make managing your money easier. With a high-yield checking…

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Episode 95: Paying off $105K of debt in 35 Months w/ Kate from Living That Debt Free Life

Debt can feel insurmountable and even debilitating at times, especially if our debt reaches the 6-figure mark. This is exactly where Kate from ‘Living that Debt Free Life’ was at prior to tackling $105K of student loan debt, and she’s got some great insights and tips in her story to help the rest of us…

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Episode 94: Retirement 101 | Everything Frugal People Need to Know About Saving For Retirement

It’s never too early to start saving for retirement, but with all the weird acronyms and other necessities vying for our money it is easy to push this off to the ‘someday’ category. On this episode we’re breaking down more of those barriers to saving and making retirement feel a bit more attainable! Sponsors:  Empower:…

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