EP 108: Smart + Frugal Banking | Best Online Banks + How to Choose One

We all have to put our money somewhere, but how do we decide the best banking solutions? On this episode we explore whether an online bank is right for you, if credit unions live up to all the hype, and if you do choose multiple accounts how you should organize your money in them. We’ll…

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Paying off debt in your 40’s w/Bobbi Olsen

Paying off debt is a daunting task no matter what stage of life, however the older we get the more insurmountable it can feel! For this reason we are thrilled to have Bobbi Olsen on the show to share her story of beginning her debt-payoff journey in her 40’s and all that she learned along…

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Ep 106: Frugality 101 [rerun of our greatest hit]

It’s our most popular episode and we’re digging it up out of the archives! Check it out to see where we started 2 years and get back to the basics! Sponsors: Current: A mobile bank with an awesome user interface, no overdraft fees and no minimum balance requirements. If you’re looking for another bank account…

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How to make ends meet without getting a side hustle – Episode 105

During difficult financial times it can be tough to make ends meet, and while finding ways to earn extra income is great, this is not always feasible! On today’s episode we tackle how to cover our expenses without pushing ourselves to get another side hustle! Sponsors:  Current: A mobile bank with an awesome user interface,…

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Episode 104: Husbands tell all – our 2 year Celebration!

It’s our most listener requested episode AND our 2 year podcast celebration! You all asked the questions, and Travis and Eric answered! It’s certainly not ‘content heavy’ but it is fun! Sponsors:  Empower: An awesome mobile app jam packed with features that make managing your money easier. With a high-yield checking account offering 1.6% APY,…

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Episode 103: how to live a zero waste lifestyle frugally

Decreasing our consumption, decreases our spending, which increases our savings AND creates sustainable practices! Sounds good right?! But how do we do this practically…and frugally?? On this episode we explore attainable ways to decrease our waste in an effort to live more frugally and steward our resources well.  Sponsors:  Empower: An awesome mobile app jam…

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