How to Buy Happiness – Episode 114

Some say money can’t buy happiness, but what if it can? Today we’re talking ‘happy money principles’ and ways to align your dollars with your values and use money as a resource to experience greater intentionality with your spending. Sponsors:  YOUR AD HERE: As if it wasn’t hard enough to source our own sponsors, now…

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Modifying the Baby Steps – Episode 113

Sometimes our budgets, financial goals, and lifestyles don’t fit into a nice neat box; we find that our approach needs to be individualized and create space for freedom! This is why we are excited to share one of our top most listened to episodes with Merilee from Easy Budget; tune in (again!) to hear about…

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How to Graduate College Without Debt – Episode 112

We talk a lot about paying off debt and most of the time that debt includes student loans but what about just not getting into student loan debt? Is that even possible? We think, now more than ever, it is. College is changing and today we’re talking about how you can adapt and graduate college…

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Repairing and Maintenance Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Things – Episode 111

How do you make your stuff last longer? Along with reducing and reusing – prolonging the life of our things can save us money, build life skills, and increase contentment! Listen in as we talk about some of the ways you can take better care of what you already have so you can spend on…

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Paying off $46K of Debt in a High Cost of Living Area – Episode 110

Paying off debt is hard enough, not to mention when you live in an expensive area! Reaching financial goals can feel insurmountable when living expenses are astronomical which is why we’re excited to hear from Emma on today’s episode talking about how she paid off $46,000 of student loans while living in CA. Sponsors:  YOUR…

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How to Maintain a Minimalist Lifestyle – Episode 109

Once we’ve sorted through our closets, toy bins, junk drawers, and garages and sold or donated what is not needed; and after we’ve learned to be content with less stuff and make room for what we want from life – what comes next? How do we maintain what we’ve worked so hard to achieve? Today…

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