Myths + Truths Of Everyday Millionaires w/Chris Hogan – EP137

We imagine right now more than ever people are discouraged about their finances and trying to just get stable; not even thinking about becoming a millionaire! BUT we believe that when we shift our mindset to believe our financial situation can improve, things change! For this reason, we’ve invited Chris Hogan from Ramsey Solutions on…

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Intentional Generosity – EP136

We believe frugality is a means to an end, not the end itself. We all have our ‘whys’ for being frugal and for us a big reason is the room it provides for generosity. Join us as we explore ways to maximize our financial giving. Sponsors:  Debt Free Christmas Planner- Every year you have the…

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Frugal Tech | Tips for Saving On Electronics – EP135

Tis the season for purchasing new TV’s, phones, tablets, and more but buying new and impulsively can cost a lot of money! On this episode we’re talking about what to buy, when to buy new, and tips for saving on electronics. Sponsors:  Debt Free Christmas Planner- If you have the best intentions about controlling your…

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Creating A Minimalist Kitchen w/Kristin Marr – EP134

We’ve got one of our archived favs making another appearance! This conversation with Kristin about pairing down in our kitchens not only helps to free up brain space and reduce stress, but, you guessed it…it’s frugal! Listen in for tips on how you can make your kitchen functional AND minimal! Sponsors:  Debt Free Christmas Planner-…

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Tips for Avoiding Holiday Impulse Buying – EP133

The holiday season is upon us and one of the biggest pitfalls to blowing our budgets is impulse spending! On this episode we explore how stores, whether in person or online, prey upon our tendency make impulsive purchases and what we can do avoid these traps and not overspend! Sponsors:  Debt Free Christmas Planner- Every…

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The Pink Tax: What It Is + How To Avoid It – EP 132

Whether or not you have heard of the pink tax, we can nearly guarantee you’ve encountered it in some way! On this episode we take a broad look at what the pink tax is, the various products and services most susceptible, and how to avoid paying extra unnecessarily. Sponsors:  Frugal Friends Workbook. Whether you’re new…

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