Frugal Meal Planning W/Ashtin Cope – EP 149

Food is often our biggest area of budget busts! The solution begins with our meal planning and how we go about grocery shopping. On this episode Ashtin gives us some simple and attainable tips for how we can meal plan effectively and save money on our groceries each week. Sponsors:  Meal planning services: They are…

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Why We Still Love the KonMari Method + You Should Too! – EP 148

Simplifying and minimizing never go out of style! Listen in as we chat about the KonMari method, what we like, and the freedom we can find in identifying our own version of frugality and minimalism. Sponsors:  Meal Planning Services: They are salvation when your brain just can’t decide what to eat anymore. We recommend Cook…

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How to Eat Healthy On A Budget – EP 147

Eating healthy and saving money don’t have to be competing goals! We’re talking about how we can get the nutrition we need without overspending at the grocery store. Sponsors:  Meal Planning services: They are salvation when your brain just can’t decide what to eat anymore. We recommend Cook Smarts. It has three dietary options: traditional,…

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Understanding the Stock Market + Investing w/Bola Sokunbi – EP 146

It’s another great interview! Listen in as Bola Sokunbi from Clever Girl Finance makes the daunting topic of investing approachable! For anyone who has been intimated by conversations about the stock market, this episode is for you! Sponsors:  Side hustles: If you don’t think you have enough money to invest for retirement, think again. Side…

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Tips for Living On An Extremely Low Income – EP 145

There is a lot of information out there for middle-income earners regarding how to be wise with money, but what about for those of us who are living on a very low income? While there is ultimately no magic wand to make the pressures of financial difficulties disappear, we want to explore how those earning…

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Creative Ways to Declutter – EP 144

Do you like the idea of decluttering but find it difficult to get started? Sometimes we need to weave a little fun and creativity into this process to help us find motivation. On this episode we’re exploring some unique ways to tidy up our living spaces. Sponsors:  The Frugal Friends Workbook Flash Sale! FFWB a…

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