Frugal Living Hacks w/Lisa Rowan – EP 125

As frugal folk, we’re always interested in finding ways to save money and spend less – which is why we are thrilled to have Lisa Rowan on the show to talk about some lesser known ‘hacks’ to both save and earn money! Sponsors:  The Frugal Friends Workbook! Whether you’re new to budgeting or trying to…

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How to Save Money When Buying A House or Refinancing – EP 124

It’s no shocker that buying a home is a huge expense – which is why we are interested in ways to cut costs! On this episode we talk both buying and refinancing our homes and ways to save on both. Sponsors:  The Frugal Friends Workbook! Whether you’re new to budgeting or trying to reach a…

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Frugal Dating Tips for ANy Relationship Status – EP 123

Whether you’re married, in a serious relationship, or ‘surveying the landscape’ we could all use some refreshers on ways to enjoy time with our romantic interests in a frugal and affordable way! On this episode we’re exploring some of the costs we don’t always consider, as well as some fresh ideas for inexpensive dates. Sponsors: …

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Raising Babies Frugally, Minimally, + Sustainably w/Chelsea Brennan – EP 122

Having and raising children can be expensive! And with so many different products and precautions vying for our money it can be tough to know where to spend and where to save. We’re thrilled to have Chelsea Brennan, founder of Smart Money Mamas and former hedge fund investor to talk about the important pieces to…

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What To Do After The Declutter: Tips for Donating, Gifting + Selling

So you’ve done the declutter and achieved a degree of minimalism and frugality that feels right for you…now what?? On this episode we talk all about what to do after the ‘purge’ and some sustainable and responsible ways to give, sell, or donate your used and unwanted things! Sponsors:  The Frugal Friends Workbook! The Frugal…

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Personal Finance Basics – EP 120

In this episode we share our minimalist approach to personal finance. This is certainly not comprehensive but if you’re just starting out these are the things to focus on before you get distracted by everything else in the personal finance ecosystem.  Sponsors:  The Frugal Friends Workbook! TODAY is the day folks! The day you’ve been…

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