Episode 104: Husbands tell all – our 2 year Celebration!

It’s our most listener requested episode AND our 2 year podcast celebration! You all asked the questions, and Travis and Eric answered! It’s certainly not ‘content heavy’ but it is fun! Sponsors:  Empower: An awesome mobile app jam packed with features that make managing your money easier. With a high-yield checking account offering 1.6% APY,…

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Episode 103: how to live a zero waste lifestyle frugally

Decreasing our consumption, decreases our spending, which increases our savings AND creates sustainable practices! Sounds good right?! But how do we do this practically…and frugally?? On this episode we explore attainable ways to decrease our waste in an effort to live more frugally and steward our resources well.  Sponsors:  Empower: An awesome mobile app jam…

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Episode 102: financial tips when money is tight

How do we respond when money is tight or when we reach a point of financial crisis? This can bring feelings of anxiety and overwhelm to any person especially when it seems we don’t have enough to cover the essentials. On this episode we hope to reduce the panic financial upheaval can bring and discuss…

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Episode 101: Tips for being more intentional with your finances w/alyssa from mixed up money

Where does all our money go? It can often seem like we’ve cut back on spending but somehow we’re not ‘crushin it’ like we thought we would! We quickly learn that our budget’s don’t work well on autopilot. Thankfully we have Alyssa from Mixed Up Money to share with us some tips on how to…

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Episode 100: How to maintain 100% effort on your financial journey

How do we keep up motivation and effort with the ebbs and flows of our financial journey? Once we know how to budget, cut spending, pay down debt, and increase savings the challenge can become how to maintain these practices over years! On this episode we’re talking all about tips for motivation + focus to…

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BONUS: Frugality in times of Crisis

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now and depending on where we live some of us are feeling this burden more than others. We are not doctors, policy makers, or financial planners, but we are encouragers and we recognize our current situation is leading to profound financial impact for many. So what can we do?…

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