Creating a Capsule Pantry with Kristin Marr | How to Maintain a Minimalist Kitchen on a Budget – EP 47

We know the benefits of minimalism and how it fits so nicely into a frugal lifestyle, but can minimalism be achieved in the kitchen also? Today we talk with Kristen Marr from Live Simply about how to achieve a ‘capsule pantry’. From how to identify the essentials, to shopping and stocking – Kristen gives some great insight into the most important part of a home; the kitchen!


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The Freezer: It’s the smaller door of your refrigerator, the place where leftovers and vegetables go to die. This year the freezer has an all new look. Forget the freezer-burned meats wrapped in foil. We’ve got crock pot meals ready to go, veggie scraps for a homemade stock, and pre-portioned bags of fruit for that smoothie you’re definitely going to make. It’s not just a place to store your wedding cake for a year, which is disgusting by the way, it’s your salvation to extend the life of foods and make weekday meals a breeze. Rebrand your freezer today!

Notable Notes:

We asked Kristen all about her ‘capsule pantry’ approach, how to eat well on a budget, and her own journey in this lifestyle. Here’s what we asked Kristen:

How do you define “real food” and what was your journey to become so passionate about it?

Kristen shared about her experience watching the documentary Food Inc. and her journey since 2008, when he son experienced delayed speech and they learned what he really needed in his diet was fat!
Kristen now follows a general guideline of eating things that come from the ground or animals, versus things created in a lab to ‘look like food’

Many of our listeners are interested in eating as healthy as possible on a limited budget, either by choice or due to health-related dietary restrictions. How can they do this?

Kristen talks about how someone with a cluttered pantry begin to par down to a minimalist one

What are the essential capsule pantry items you use most?

Check out a video of her pantry on youtube: Kristen’s Pantry

How do you deal with the times you have to buy an ingredient that you don’t use regularly?

Kristen talks about using substitutions, and purchasing versatile ingredients

Kristen’s capsule pantry list

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Lightning Round:
We asked Kristen some more quick questions!

  • Give us your top 3 go-to weeknight recipes

Black bean tacos with rice, etc.
Stir fry with all kinds of ingredients – whatever is in the fridge!
Roast chicken with veggies (use leftovers for weeknights)

  • What are the top 3 places you’ve traveled?

Iceland – beautiful/untouched
Switzerland – beautiful countryside
Alaska – Elusia Islands

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