How to Save Money on Travel | Frugal Hotel Stays, Spending Less on Food, & Should You Vacation While in Debt?- EP 11

It’s July and we’re in the throws of summer travel, so it’s only fitting for us to talk about adventurous frugality! We covered saving on plane tickets in episode 7 so hopefully you already have that one figured out! In this episode we move on to discuss keeping costs low while on vacation. Here’s to enjoying life without breaking the bank!
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Notable Notes:
What the internet has to say
  • This article from Nomadic Matt outlines 7 tips for saving cash on accommodations while traveling. Included in the list are home sharing options, hostels, and rewards programs. Moral of the story: there are more options than we would have originally thought!
  • What Jen and Jill have to say:
  • David Ning gives 50 (that right 50!) tips to save money on vacation. The article goes through categories different categories including saving on flights, food, car rental, transportation, currency, accommodation, shopping, travel alternatives, and other tips for budget travel. 
  • What Jen and Jill have to say:
    • plan your meals and don’t eat every meal out
    • you don’t need rental car insurance
    • do a cost analysis on staying outside of the city and getting a rental car/ commuting vs staying within
    • check your insurance and credit card policy.
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