Tips for being more intentional with your finances w/alyssa from mixed up money – Ep 101

Where does all our money go? It can often seem like we’ve cut back on spending but somehow we’re not ‘crushin it’ like we thought we would! We quickly learn that our budget’s don’t work well on autopilot. Thankfully we have Alyssa from Mixed Up Money to share with us some tips on how to increase our level of intentionality with our finances so we can see the results we want!


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Notable Notes:

Alyssa gave us some background about herself AND her top 4 tips for being more intentional with your finances. We’re excited to share these tips with you!

  1. Create a goal that is specific and achievable 
  2. Track your spending
  3. Save money each week
  4. Reflect on behaviors and habits

BILL OF THE WEEK – Thanks for sharing your bill with us Alyssa! 

Lightning Round

Why we value putting pencil to paper with our finances:

  • Alyssa – accountability; opportunity to look at bad AND celebrate success
  • Jen – like the tangible; breeds intentionality
  • Jill – enjoy walking through a process

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