About Jen and Jill

Jen Smith

Hey! I’m Jen! I got in touch with my inner frugal when my husband Travis and I paid off $78,000 of debt in less than two years.

I’ve always been frugal but it used to be because I had the mindset that I was broke. It’s been a journey to realize that being frugal isn’t about necessity but being a better steward of your time and resources.

I’m always learning to become a more intentional spender and I like to help bring my friends along with me. Whether it’s through my blog, Modern Frugality, through my books: The No-Spend Challenge Guide and Meal Planning on a Budget, and now the Frugal Friends podcast!

Jill Sirianni

Hey There – I’m Jill and frugality runs in my veins! For me, this means digging for treasure at thrift stores and spending Saturday mornings at yard sales, but it also means living simply, paying off debt, and having a blast with my husband, Eric. Our most notable frugal decision was that time we decided to live in a motorhome to save on expenses and pay off student loans. We own our own remodeling business and I am a social worker by day, so I understand the budget struggle! With my DIY skills and frugal knowledge, I hope to help you in your journey, and I look forward to learning with you along the way!