Episode 92: Reducing Food Waste w/ Debt Kickin’ Mom

Reigning in our food and grocery bills can be one of the most challenging things to our budgets! We often talk about cooking at home and being savvy with the items we purchase, but what about controlling our food waste? It’s staggering how much food ends up in the trash and thereby how much money […]

Episode 91: Effective Goal Setting For 2020

Have you ever wanted to achieve something, financially or otherwise, but struggled to actually make it happen? You’re not alone! It’s one thing to desire something, but a whole other animal to take the steps towards accomplishing it! Goal setting is a popular idea this time of year, but let’s chat about how we can […]

Episode 90: How to Save Money on Transportation Costs

Out of the biggest expenses we incur, transportation falls in the top 4! So if we are looking to cut spending and save we’ve got to look at this category! On this episode we talk about the ways we can limit our transportation costs and commute frugally. Sponsors:  Kids on 45th: An established thrift store […]

Episode 89: Letting Go of Material Possessions to Save Money w/ Desirae Endres

Combating the desire for material possessions is crucial in our ‘debt-payoff and other financial goals’ journey! And it’s this desire for ‘stuff’ that is really at the heart of impulse spending and can be such a barrier to seeing real shifts in our budgets. So today we’ve invited Desirae Endres from the Minimalish podcast and […]

Episode 88: Budgeting On An Irregular Income

Budgeting is foundational to this frugal lifestyle, and can be a hard enough muscle to build with a predictable income, but how do we approach this task if our income is irregular? While there are a few more barriers to budgeting when we don’t know exactly how much we are making, there are still ways […]

Episode 87: How To Have Healthy Conversations About Money

Talking about finances can feel just as taboo as talking about politics with co-workers; but what if it didn’t have to be this way? Today we’re chatting about the conversations we all should be having with our friends, family, and partners about money. Listen in, then tell us how you approach your important conversations! Sponsors: […]